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Kitchens & Baths

Enjoy an Updated Kitchen or Bath With a Functional Modern Design

Carson Rodgers has a stellar reputation for quality design and construction. With decades of experience, we have become experts in kitchen remodeling. Let us create a design for your new kitchen, and enjoy having an updated look and a functional, efficient layout. We also offer bathroom remodeling. Just picture yourself relaxing in a luxurious new soaker tub. We take on remodeling projects anywhere in Scottsdale, Arizona, and the surrounding areas.

Plan Your Kitchen Remodeling

Before cabinets are ordered and fixtures selected, it's important to have a design in place. Your design is the key to a successful remodel. It can be as simple as a sketch on graph paper, or it can be an elaborate 3-D design created on a computer. Here are a few things to think about during the kitchen design process:

1. Fixture dimensions are required to properly size each cabinet opening. The size of the main sink and salad sink are also required.

2. When relocating a sink or adding a sink, consider that underground plumbing work may be required.

3. A comfortable space between the face of each cabinet is 42". This allows room for foot traffic in high-volume areas.

4. Plan for ample counter space near the oven, cooktop, microwave, and refrigerator.


5. A kitchen has two main zones — a prep and cook zone, and a clean and wash zone. If space is adequate, a seating area in the kitchen is a welcome bonus.

6. Locate large pullout drawers next to the cooktop for convenient access to pots and pans.

7. Locate cookie sheets and baking pans in specially designed cabinets near the oven.

8. Use pullouts wherever possible, particularly for garbage cans and recycle containers.

9. Note which direction the appliance door swings to prevent any access issues.

10. A workstation for plugging in a phone charger or a computer is a handy out-of-the-way solution for technology in the kitchen.

Nice Large Garden Tub

Successful Bathroom Remodeling

There are many questions to answer before your remodeling project beings. Do I have room in my master bath for a separate tub and shower? Do I need a tub in my master bath for resale reasons? These are two of the questions we are frequently asked. The success of your bathroom remodel is a matter of inches.

A standard hall bath is 9' x 5' and has one toilet, one sink, and a tub-shower combination. A master bath varies. We recently completed the design and remodeling of a master bath that measured 9'1" x 10'4". In this remodel, we were able to configure a corner tub with a nice size shower, two sinks, and a toilet. When there's a choice between a tub-shower combination or a roomy shower with a nook, a seat, a shower fixture with an extra body spray and a handheld spray, the larger shower usually wins. Here are a few things to think about during the bathroom design process:

1. It's important to verify the dimensions of sinks and bathtubs.

2. Use small tiles on shower floors to prevent slipping.

3. Install a handheld shower spray along with a regular showerhead. The handheld is very convenient for cleaning the shower stall.

4. Install a comfort-height toilet; it will be easier on your knees.

5. Upgrade the fixtures. Kohler and Grohe make some of the finest.

6. All windows should contain tempered glass for safety.

7. A toilet needs its own space not less than 30".

8. The showerhead height is 6'6".

9. The shower valves need to be located in an easy-to-reach place for quick access.

10. Lights above a vanity need extra attention to be at the proper height between the mirror and the ceiling.

11. Shower tiles can never be applied to drywall, even water-resistant drywall.

12. Think about safety in a bathroom. Use nonslip tiles, grab bars, and proper lighting.