Before cabinets are ordered and fixtures selected a design must be in place.  A design is the key to a successful remodel. It can be as simple as a sketch on graph paper to an elaborate 3D CAD design. Here are a few things to think about during the design process:

1. Fixture dimensions are needed to properly size each cabinet opening.  Main sink and salad sink sizes are needed as well.

2. When relocating a sink or adding a sink underground plumbing may be required.

3. A comfortable space between the face of each cabinets is 42".  This allows room for foot traffic in high volume areas.

4. Have ample countertop space near the oven, cooktop, microwave and refrigerator.

5. A kitchen has two main zones, a prep and cook zone and a clean and wash zone.  If space is adequate a seating area is a welcome touch.

6. Locate large pull out drawers next to the cooktop for pots and pans.

7. Locate cookie sheet and baking pans in special designed cabinets near oven.

8. Use pull outs wherever possible including garbage can and recycle containers.

9. Note the appliance door swing to prevent any access issues.

10. A workstation for plugging in a phone charger and PC can be a handy out of the way solution for tech needs.




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