Do I have room in my master bath for a separate tub and shower? Do I need a tub in my master bath for resale? These are some of the questions I am asked.  The bathroom is a game of inches.  The standard hall bath is 9’x5’ and has one water closet, one sink and a tub shower combination.  The master bath varies.  Recently I completed the design and remodel of a master bath that measured 9’1” x 10’ 4”.  In this remodel I was able to configure a corner tub with a nice size shower, two sinks and a water closet.  If I had a choice of a tub shower combination or a nice roomy shower with a nook, a seat, a shower fixture with an extra body spray and a hand held... the shower wins every time.

Here are a few things to think about during the design process:

  1. Verify the dimensions of the sinks and bathtub.
  2. Use small tiles on shower floors to prevent slipping.
  3. Install a hand held shower spray along with a shower head.  The hand held comes in handy when cleaning the shower.
  4. Install a comfort height water closet (toilet).
  5. Upgrade the fixtures, Kohler and Grohe make some of the finest.
  6. All windows should be tempered glass.
  7. A water closet needs its own space not less than 30”.
  8. The shower head height is 6’6”.
  9. The shower valves need to be in an easy to reach location.
  10. Lights above a vanity need extra attention for proper height between mirror and ceiling.
  11. Shower tile can never be applied to drywall or water resistant drywall.
  12. Think about safety in a bathroom by using non slip tile, grab bars and proper lighting.

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