The Rodgers family has been building Arizona since the mid 1920's. When Lester Case Rodgers moved here from Younstown, Ohio his first project was building a section of The First Presbyterian Church in downtown Phoenix. In the 1930's he purchased a lot on 3rd Avenue and Wilshire where Lester built his first home.  Back then he and two employees built the emtire home from the ground up using their own hands.  Lester Case Rodgers went on to build many homes in the now Historic District of the Phoenix area.  Durring 40's and 50's he subdivided land and built homes along North Central Avenue.  He was the first builder to subdivide on Camelback Mountain. People thought he was crazy to build that far out of town.    

Lester Case's two sons Lester Charles Rodgers and Conrad Tim Rodgers  continued the family business building in the valley.  Conrad Tim devoted his time to commercial building such as The Phoenix Zoo, The Beeline Dragway and many others.  Lester Charles Rodgers kept building homes and started remodeling the homes his father had built.  By the 1970's over half of the business was consisted of remodeling projects.  In the 1980's Lester Charles Rodgers son Lester Carson Rodgers joined his father in the remodeling business. 

Lester Carson Rodgers learned the ropes of the building trades by working side by side with his father.  Carson performing every task in residential building business.  Carson Rodgers Builder Remodeler Inc. is a member of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) and the (BBB). He is past President of the (NARI) Phoenix chapter.  Carson Rodgers has won many awards for their design and projects. They use state of the art design (CAD) software and estimating programs to streamline the remodeling process.  With a solid background and over 80 years of a family building tradition you can be assured that Carson Rodgers Builder Remodeler brings understanding, stability and competence unmatched by others.



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